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System Requirements

Race Coordinator requires .NET 4, and as such it has the minimum system requirements of .NET 4. The Microsoft website indicates that .NET 4 requires Windows XP or higher making XP the oldest OS that Race Coordinator supports. The installer will check only that .NET 4 is installed, if it is not it will attempt to install it using Microsoft's web based installer. A working internet connection is required for this installation to succeed, but after successful install, the internet connection is never needed again.

The download section has an offline .NET 4 installer which could be burned to a CD or put on a flash drive and manually installed if an internet connection is an issue on the PC connected to the track. For further information on the .NET 4 platform and it's requirements, check out the Microsoft website:

Microsoft .NET Development Center

.NET 4 has many requirements on the OS. If it does not install, it is most likely because you need to perform one or more Windows updates before you can install it. It is highly recommended that your OS be fully updated before installing Race Coordinator


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