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Race Coordinator has higher system requirements than most other lap counting software packages. Please refer to the System Requirements  page for further details.

***Note: The RMS is not backwards compatible with older versions. Once you upgrade to a specific version number you should not downgrade to an older version. If you have issues with the version you are running, try the latest version and if you still have problems contact us for support. Downgrading the RMS can cause data base corruption which may not be noticed until long after the damage is done, and the damage would be irreversible.

Official Releases

Date File Size Readme Description
02.18.2018 RaceCoordinator v1.12.1.0 14.92 MB readme_v1.12.1.0.pdf RaceCoordinator v1.12.1.0
04.28.2017 RaceCoordinator v1.11.4.0 15.08 MB readme_v1.11.4.0.pdf RaceCoordinator v1.11.4.0
03.26.2016 RaceCoordinator v1.10.0.0 14.45 MB readme_v1.10.0.0.pdf RaceCoordinator v1.10.0.0
06.16.2015 RaceCoordinator v1.9.0.0 14.38 MB readme_v1.9.0.0.pdf RaceCoordinator v1.9.0.0

Beta Releases

Beta releases are made available to give a preview of what is up and coming in RC. While every effort is made to make these beta releases stable, there is always the possibility that there will be issues. It is strongly recommended that if you are using any of these beta releases that you first backup your install_dir/rc.db file as that is your main database file and if it gets corrupt all your data could be lost.

Once an official release is made these beta releases will be removed and will no longer be supported. It is strongly recommended that you update to the official release once it is made to ensure you get any last minutes changes between the final beta and the official release.

Date File Size Readme Description
1.12.2016 RCXamlBuilder v0.0.0.2 1013Kb Not Available Initial Release

Miscellaneous Files

Date File Size Description
02.03.2011 Sample Round Robin Results 50.0KB Sample Round Robin (9 drivers on an 8 lane track)
01.28.2011 Sample HOPRA-Qualifer Results 23.0 KB Sample HOPRA qualifier xls export
01.28.2011 Sample HOPRA-Consi Results 104.0 KB Sample HOPRA consi xls export
01.28.2011 Sample HOPRA-Finals Results 16.0 KB Sample HOPRA finals xls export
01.07.2011 .NET 4 Installer 48.1 MB Offline .NET 4 installer
10.25.2010 Excel Viewer for RC exports (External Link)
10.25.2010 Microsoft .Net 4 Framework (External Link)

User Provided Content

The following content has been provided by Race Coordinator users. If you have content you'd like to share with the community please feel free to Contact us. So send us your screenshots, custom rotations, and skinned race screens. We'll review anything you wish to submit and make it available on this site.

Date File Size Description Readme
06.12.2014 MBR Custom Heat Rotations 55.6 KB MBR Custom Heat Rotations for 4 to 28 drivers MBR Heat Rotations Readme
08.23.2011 Modified Leaderboard and Top5 XAML Files 2.74 KB Leaderboard and Top5 XAML with record holders displayed at the bottom Modified Leaderboard/Top5 XAML readme
02.23.2011 HOPRA race event database 41 KB Database file containing a HOPRA race event setup HOPRA database readme
02.23.2011 EAHORC race event database 41 KB Database file containing a EAHORC race event setup EAHORC database readme
08.11.2010 EAHORC custom heats 5 KB EAHORC heat definition files for up to 32 drivers EAHORC custom rotation readme


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