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The Scorpius Wireless RMS is a for purchase RMS powered by Race Coordinator that works solely with the Scorius Wireless digital system. The download is free and comes with a free trial period. Once the tiral period has expired, a registration key must be purchased to continue using the RMS. 50% of the proceeds from all purchaces will be donated to charity.

For technical questions or to report issues please contact us at contact@racecoordinator.net.

Purchase Information

For purchase information please visit the Scorpius Wireless WebShop


Along with the Scorpius Hardware, the Scorpius RMS has higher system requirements than most other lap counting software packages. Please refer to the System Requirements  page for further details. The Scorpius RMS requirements are the same as the Race Coordinator requirements.

Official Releases

The official release is not currently available.  See the beta section for details and the latest beta download

Beta Releases

Beta releases are made available to give a preview of what is up and coming with the Scorpius RMS. While every effort is made to make these beta releases stable, there is always the possibility that there will be issues. It is strongly recommended that if you are using any of these beta releases that you first backup your rc.db file as that is your main database file and if it gets corrupt all your data could be lost.

Once an official release is made these beta releases will be removed and will no longer be supported. It is strongly recommended that you update to the official release once it is made to ensure you get any last minutes changes between the final beta and the official release.

Date File Description Size
12.22.2017 ScorpiusRMS_v1.11.4.38 Dynamic Pace Car Support 20.23MB


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