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Drag Race Coordinator has higher system requirements than most other lap counting software packages. Please refer to the System Requirements  page for further details.

Official Releases

Date File Size Readme Description

There are no official releases available at this time

Alpha Releases

This is a pre-release version of DragRC. As such anything and everything could change. Options/Features may change or even be removed completely. Every effort will be made to not break previous releases however there are no guarantees. Further every effort is made to ensure the stability of these releases, however an emphasis on getting new features/bug fixes released is made over doing thorough testing. In many ways, the users of these alpha releases are the testers. Use these builds at your own risk. Update to a new alpha release at your own risk.

Date File Readme Description
07.16.2017 Drag Race Coordinator v0.0.0.18 Unavailable Added best of race option, bug fixes, basic print capability, per lane start tree work

Beta Releases

Beta releases are made available to give a preview of what is up and coming in DragRC. While every effort is made to make these beta releases stable, there is always the possibility that there will be issues.

Once an official release is made these beta releases will be removed and will no longer be supported. It is strongly recommended that you update to the official release once it is made to ensure you get any last minutes changes between the final beta and the official release.

No Beta Available


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